丹澤校長メッセージ24 ( High School Entrance Ceremony~ for English course class ~ )

2020.06.10 丹澤校長メッセージ

My dear students, teachers, and parents ‒

I welcome you to a new school year under very unusual circumstances!
We have been looking forward to seeing you and having an Entrance Ceremony to officially welcome you!
Thank you for waiting patiently for today and congratulations to you, as Senior High School Students.


In the Assumption, we try to choose to look at every situation in a positive way ‒ so I would like to offer you a way of looking at this school year in that way.
And that is ‒ as something NEW!

This new School Year will offer new experiences and opportunities for all of us, that will help us appreciate “learning” from a much wider perspective.
In the Assumption, we educate one another for the 21st education, using 3 special ways : PBL (Project Based Learning) ‒ a student ‒ centered method, English Immersion, that hopes t o give you confidence in English Communication, and ICT (Information Communication Technology) to become effective in today’s world.
We do this in the true Assumption Spirit of family, that that is warm and makes you feel “at-home”, and responsibility that makes you a person that wants to, and looks for ways to contribute to world peace.


We live by our five (5) Core Values : LIFE, TRUTH, FREEDOM, GOODNESS and ONENESS.


LIFE ― This means that we CHOOSE always what gives life.

TRUTH ― For us this means that we always uphold honesty and simplicity in words and actions.

FREEDOM ― In the Assumption, this means that we allow each one to grow an d become who one truly is, as fully as possible.

GOODNESS ― We believe in the goodness in ourselves and in others, always l ooking for what is good and positive in persons and situations.

ONENESS ― This is the Assumption Spirit of FAMILY, where there is love, k indness, trust, under – standing, unity and cooperation, joyfully working together in a climate of openness for the common good.


In this NEW school year, may we recognize what is more essential in LIFE ‒ when days become difficult and when the ways that we know and are used to, have ch anged and are no longer possible.

May we see clearly, what is really important, lasting and valuable.
Let us welcome this NEW school year with renewed HOPE!



‒ Remembering what our Mother Foundress, Saint Marie Eugenie said,

“… each one of us has a mission on earth to fulfill…
allow the good in you to shine and shed its radiance…”

May we all have a meaningful year!

Thank you.


2020年6月6日 アサンプション国際中学校高等学校 校長 丹澤 直己