丹澤校長メッセージ11 (校長講話 11月1・2日 ~School Festival and Charity day in 2019~)

2019.11.02 丹澤校長メッセージ

Good morning boys and girls, good morning everyone!
How are you?

Today is our school festival!
Tomorrow is our Charity day!


I want to thank you for being here and giving me a chance to share this day with you.
We have been looking forward to it and prepared and practiced for it.
I am sure you are all excited!   I am!

Now let me recall with you the aims of this school festival —

To develop each one’s uniqueness and individuality, and the practical attitudes that are necessary to build up our school and our society;

To deepen our human relationships, our friendships and to strengthen our spirit solidarity of as a community;

To grow in becoming persons who contribute to world peace


Let us live out our School Motto – Faithfulness, Love and Joy –
Let us be FAITHFUL in LOVING one another by being good and responsible for each other, and experience the JOY of being together as FRIENDS.

Please take care of your thoughts, your words and your actions throughout this day!
And together let us make this school festival a day of FUN and a day to REMEMBER.

May we all have a good and happy Festival Day and Charity Day!

Thank you!


2019年11月1・2日 アサンプション国際中学校高等学校 校長 丹澤 直己