丹澤校長メッセージ9 (校長講話 ~Assumption Hospitality~)

2019.09.02 丹澤校長メッセージ

Good morning, everyone.

How was your weekend? Please look at me with your smile.Your smile makes all of us happy and peaceful.

Last Saturday, our school had a school promotion/orientation for new students.There were a lot of elementary and junior high students who were interested in Assumption Kokusai. Also a lot of our students came to school to work as volunteers.  Your smiles and hospitality were outstanding.  I have never seen so much of your nice smiles before….

According to the surveys from the participants, your smiles and your hospitality were truly remarkable.I really appreciate what you have done for our school.  I am very grateful and proud of each one of you.

As I told you during our first assembly for this 2nd term, this is very much an expression of our Assumption motto, “faithfulness, love and joy”.

For the Assumption, it is to say that “LOVE” spreads in our every day. “LOVE” is sharing of minds. If we think of each other and all those around us, we can give joy and a smile is born.  We can give our friends joy by a simple smile. In other words, “LOVE” is born there. It is also one of the ways we communicate.

This Thursday, we will have a disaster drill for all of Assumption Kokusai, that means from kindergarten to senior high school, almost 1000 people.

I hope that all of you will try to be good models as elder brothers and sisters to our younger students.

I will see you again in the coming days.  But until then let me just say again that your smile makes people happy.  So let us make each other happy.

See you around and have a great day!

Thank you.


2019年9月2日 アサンプション国際中学校高等学校 校長 丹澤 直己