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2022.12.13 Messages from Sr.MarJo

Be STILL and KNOW the Real Meaning of Christmas


I have just come back from Thailand where I visited our small high school.
In an assembly with the students, I was impressed that the assembly started with 5 minutes of stillness. Students were asked to focus on their breath and to keep still. It was not just silence but STILLNESS. Is there a difference? Is it possible to be silent but not still?
I asked one student after the assembly, how he felt about the moments of stillness. And he said “It is important, sister. It helps us listen better and see more clearly…”


The first Christmas happened in the “stillness of the night”.

Those who were “still” saw the STAR.

The STAR revealed the real meaning of Christmas.


In our busy world, where we are always in a hurry, we need to give time for stillness. To give our thoughts and actions the right perspective. What makes us different from robots with artificial intelligence.
Why do we do what we do? What for are we busy… it is not only to fulfill our work but something more than that? We work for something more. But we need to BE STILL to recognize that “something more”. And when we do – we do not give up easily. Our fatigue and tiredness become meaningful.
Then we will get a glimpse of the real meaning of Christmas.


In the coming week, find time for stillness – 5, 10 minutes…it does not take much.
But you will notice the difference and like the student with whom I spoke, you may be able to listen better, see more clearly, think more wisely, and have more energy to overcome impatience, fatigue and tiredness.
Try it… it works.