Messages from Sr.MarJo

Messages from Sr.MarJo 9 ~ ONENESS ~ Walking together for a better world

2022.06.07 Messages from Sr.MarJo

We continue trying to get to know this man, Jesus Christ and see what we can learn from him, to become better persons.


Today, I chose a narrative from one of the Books about Jesus Christ, that we call GOSPELS, which literally means “good news”. This is the “GOOD NEWS about Jesus Christ According to Saint Mark”. Let me offer some points that will hopefully give us an insight into this man, Jesus Christ and how he lived his “ikigai” which is to “give life”. And see what we can learn from him so that we may become better persons, who like him, give life to others.


1. To build COMMUNITY with others –
Jesus called others to be with him. Jesus could have chosen to be alone. But Jesus wanted to share his “life-purpose” of “giving life”, with others. We see that Jesus invited 2 brothers together – Peter and Andrew, and James and John. This is the first point – the importance of being and doing good, with others. COMMUNITY is the nature of human beings. We are never meant to be isolated nor alone – as human beings, we are brothers and sisters of one human family.


2. To be true to the good that you are and have genuine AUTHORITY –
Jesus had something in him that attracted others or drew others to him. In what we listened to; he was described as one who had AUTHORITY. We see how his first companions dropped everything when he called on them. There was something about him that was attractive, almost magnetic. And I think this is not anything extraordinary. Jesus was just true to himself and this, released an energy that made it difficult for those who saw him to resist. This gave him AUTHORITY. Perhaps we can ask ourselves – what attracts us to others? What makes one attractive? Why is BTS so attractive? I believe it is not only because they perform well but more because of who they are and their message. This is the second point – Jesus attracted others because he was TRUE to himself, this was where his authority came from. TRUTH and AUTHENTICITY attract. FALSEHOOD and PRETENCE repel or drive-away.


3. To choose LIFE in thoughts, words and actions –
Jesus was attentive to where life was in danger – whether it be the presence of evil or sickness. When we look around us, are we attentive to where life is in danger? What are the signs that life is in danger? Let us take a look at some of the headlines in the news yesterday –

S Korea, U.S. launch 8 missiles in response to N Korean salvo

Majority of Japanese firms struggle to get materials due to war in Ukraine

Inflation divide: The wealthy splurge, the poorest have nothing

Man saves woman in her 90s after she falls onto train tracks a minute before train’s arrival

Donor milk bank opens in Tokyo to nourish premature babies

Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee 2022: 70 years of devoted service and inspiration for a people


These are headlines. But they can indicate where LIFE is in danger, as well as where there is LIFE.



Now I invite you to look around you here in school, in your homes. What are the signs that life is in danger? Perhaps a lonely classmate or a lonely brother or sister? A tired teacher, mother or father? Or useless conversations where there is gossip and putting others down? Or acts of selfishness, dishonesty or hurtful words towards others? These may endanger LIFE.
At the same time, what are the signs of LIFE! And how can I strengthen and support these? Begin with your thoughts, that influence your words and actions. Then make a decision to try to be like Jesus –


To build COMMUNITY with others

To be true to the good that you are and have genuine AUTHORITY

To choose LIFE in thoughts, words and actions