Messages from Sr.MarJo

Messages from Sr.MarJo 6 ~ ONENESS ~ Walking together for a better world

2022.05.10 Messages from Sr.MarJo

Today is our first assembly for this school year. For some of you, this is not new. But for the sake of those who are experiencing this for the first time, let me just say a few words about these assemblies that I will be having with you.


First of all, this is an occasion for us to come together to try to understand what it means to be a student of this CATHOLIC SCHOOL – Assumption Kokusai.
What is the meaning of being a Catholic School for Assumption Kokusai.


This morning, let me just give you 3 qualities that we also call the 3 pillars of Assumption Education and therefore of Assumption Kokusai as a Catholic School.

1. EXCELLENCE – this means always being and doing one’s best at all times. It does not mean being better than others. It does not mean competing nor comparing oneself with others. What it means is the importance of being FREE to be and do one’s best. As a student it means trying one’s best in everything. This means doing things WELL whether it be speaking, writing, reading, understanding, solving math problems, performing science experiments or cooking, drawing, dancing, singing, cleaning, etc. … it is to do one’s best – no half-measures, recognizing each is different and that each one has unique gifts and possibilities. So it means is discovering one’s uniqueness and being and doing one’s best whether as a student, as a son or a daughter, as a human being.

2. DEPTH – this is the quality that goes beyond what is external or superficial and believes that beneath what one sees at the surface there is true GOODNESS in everyone. This is the quality that makes sure that we do not stop at the surface but that we always try to get to the TRUTH that is at the bottom of everything one thinks, says and does. There should be no room for half-truths or lies. In a world where “fake news” has become common – DEPTH asks us to go deeper always seeking the TRUTH, the REAL as opposed to what is false or fake or pretence – it means to say “YES” when we mean YES and “NO” when we mean NO.

3. SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY – this is the quality that reminds us NOT TO BE SELFISH. An Assumption girl/boy always thinks of others. This is a very important quality of Assumption Education. The reason for the Assumption is to do it part “for a better world”. Where all are brothers and sisters. We begin with ourselves, our classes, our families, our communities. How can I, how can we – be more thoughtful of others. So, we always consider what will be good for others when we speak or act. Whether we are preparing for a class, working on a project, studying for an exam or playing soccer – we do this well and as best as we can because we want to contribute to building a better – more honest, more just, more human and a more joyful and peaceful world.

EXCELLENCE, DEPTH and SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY are the qualities that identify Assumption Kokusai as a Catholic School.