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Messages from Sr.MarJo 3

2020.04.24 Messages from Sr.MarJo

My dear Parents of Assumption Kokusai,

It is my privilege to send you a message as we approach the GOLDEN WEEK that we will be celebrating in a very different way this year.

We are all affected by what is happening in our world today with the global CORONA VIRUS PANDEMIC, and it is difficult to try to be positive.  But in the Assumption, we always try to find a way to look for what good can come out in every given situation.

The situation is serious, and we need to respond to it very seriously.  But what is important is that we all do this TOGETHER – helping each other to face the challenges with a common vision of a better future.  Otherwise, our efforts will not be effective.

More than ever, this is not the time to blame anyone or find fault in others – it is the time to work together, to fill in for each other so that things will work, everyone doing what needs to be done so that TOGETHER we can overcome this crisis.

I assure you that we are thinking of you and looking for ways to help you at this time by doing our best to provide the education that we are committed to give your children.  I am a witness to the hard work of all the teachers.  We know that you are also doing your part in making the most of this time to get to know your children better and spending more quality time with them.

Thank you for all your support – the face masks and Air Purifiers from the High School Parents’ Association are being put to good use.

I wish you a meaningful celebration of the GOLDEN WEEK as together we look forward to better days ahead.

Please be assured that I pray for each of you and your families every day.


Sincerely yours,